A Super Confusing Ideogram for a Recyclable Bubble Wrap Envelope

If you look at this series of ideograms, printed on a bubble wrap envelope and posted by London-based industrial designer Oscar Diaz

…how long did it take you to puzzle out what it all means?

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Diaz isn’t alone. It took me a few, particularly because I thought the wine glass was broken at the stem, which threw me off; but looking closely I can see its base is visible inside the bubble wrap. So it seems this somewhat confusing series is meant to convey:

1. You can remove the bubble wrap from the paper

2. The bubble wrap can be re-used to protect delicate things

3. Alternatively, you can recycle the paper envelope and the bubble wrap separately.

I’m not sure that say, an elderly relative would be able to puzzle out what this means. The bypassing arrows beneath the wine glass image aren’t helpful. Words would be nice, but I get that they’re trying to be language-less. Can you think of a better way you’d draw this?

Source: core77

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