A Surprising Cabinet Mechanism: FurnSpin, by Hettich

This unique FurnSpin system is by Hettich, a German furniture hardware manufacturer. They’ve found a rather elaborate way of getting rid of cabinet doors:

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“An elegant spin from closed furniture front to open shelf instantly changes the room’s atmosphere: closed for a tidy and clean look whenever needed, or opened up with everything in view and affording fast access from two sides.”

“The fitting’s unique ‘translatory rotational movement’ can literally turn furniture inside out. Doing so, FurnSpin synchronises two different forms of movement: swivel action as well as rotation through 180 degrees. Benefiting from perfected kinematics, the cabinet body moves along a defined path, preventing any collision between furniture edges. The astounding part: FurnSpin would seem to cancel out centrifugal force. Torque is balanced so carefully that even very light objects don’t fall over or slip about in furniture, but stay firmly in place.”

The mechanism doesn’t appear to be for sale to consumers; rather, the company is targeting furniture manufacturers.

Source: core77

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