A Swiss Lunchbox That Heats Your Food

Swiss appliance manufacturer Koenig makes this HeatsBox, a lunch box that “exactly meets the needs of the Swiss population in terms of hot meals,” the company writes. The container features an all-around heating element, “for an even heating process that retains the fresh taste and full nutritional value of the food.”

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You can set the unit to toasting, gentle heating or fast heating, and the temperature is adjustable from 50° C to 85° C (122° to 176° Fahrenheit). It can also be set to heat on a timer. (Sadly, the interface appears to be via app.)

The stainless steel inner container is easy to clean, and “The lid is absolutely tight, even soups can be transported.”

The 1kg (2.2-pound) unit plugs into a wall socket and can also be plugged into a 12V car outlet (with a non-included adapter).

A HeatsBox runs 179 Swiss Francs (USD $179).

Source: core77

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