A System of Modular Reusable Containers Designed for a Refill Economy

A refill economy, whereby we bring our own vessels to hubs that dispense consumables rather than buying new packaging each time, would go a long way to reducing single-use plastic.

Whether you’re urban or rural, the concept isn’t difficult to grasp. When I was in Manhattan, you could bring a growler to Whole Foods to tank up on local craft beers. Out here in the sticks, everyone brings a Jerry can to the gas station to gather fuel for their lawn mowers.

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What would come in handy is a system of vessels for all of the other stuff we could conceivably refill: Milk, shampoo, cleaning supplies, detergent, et cetera, which are all items that are consumed at different rates. For that reason Mimeos, a sustainability consultancy, commissioned Argentinian ID firm Sich Design Studio to mock up, design and refine these Reusable Home Containers:

“They are flexible containers that come in 3 capacities, 1 L, 3 L, and 5 L.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

“To enhance the use, operation, and user experience, we design containers that fit into one another and help transport the containers regardless of weight.”

“Its compact design is perfect to be stored at home and to be transported. The family has accessories that make its use more flexible and adapt it for daily life.”

You can see more of Sich’s stuff here.

Source: core77

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