A Tactical…Architect's Scale?

Should’ve seen this coming: The trend of fancy drawing implements has now collided with the EDC market. A Taiwanese design firm called TA+d has successfully Kickstarted the ONE 3, a tactical architect’s scale with an integrated pen or pencil, your choice.

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You know the drill: “Aerospace grade aluminum,” laser-engraved tick marks and numbers, a hole for a carabiner, an absurd magnetic action. The ONE 3 was “Crafted by professional designers for everyone to use and to enjoy the convenience with designer-grade precision.”

It’s got protective rubber caps on the end, allowing you to “stay safe and protected from possibly contaminated surfaces.”

You can also attach a “specially designed erasing tip.”

It’s offered in both imperial and metric.

The ONE 3 starts at $79.

I just don’t know who’s buying this stuff, but clearly, people are. Any guesses as to where this trend is going next?

Source: core77

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