A tale of a silent kid who became a painter by Davide Zappia

This collection is a set of expressions created by the young Italian artist, Davide Zappia, a tale of a silent kid who became a painter, as he describes his work.

Zappia starts with Z, which is the last letter of the alphabet and the reason why I always got picked last. It didn’t help of course, because I was shy and really unsure. Davide Zappia

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He worked a few years as graphic designer, for over fifteen years in the same company. He never felt like the hero of his own storyline, till the day he got fired. He finally has the opportunity to express himself as the artist that he always was.

I am a painter of minimal abstract art […] I suffer from social anxiety and feel uncomfortable with verbal communication. Painting is the only channel of expression in which I feel free. I love abstract-minimal art because it is a liberating act. It allows me to create an atmosphere far from reality.

In his philosophy, the painting is the ground for communication exchange between the artist and the observer. Such communication happens beyond your average everyday communication.

His works explored the communication power of those simple images, his research often focuses on the theme of solitude, he deals with it by recreating large spaces of color interrupted by shapes, foreshortenings, and openings.

All these elements want to suggest a way out and propose a positive propensity for the future. By focusing the attention on everyday life objects, merging graphical, pictorial and narrative elements, He creates multiple strategic views in order to create a personal narrative language through which he tells stories and sensations, like pages from his daily lifelog.
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