A tale of five squirrels: vets untangle 'Gordian Knot' of rodents

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These five young squirrels have been saved after their tails became entangled in a "Gordian Knot". A “caring finder” found the infants, known as kits, and took them to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at the Wisconsin Humane Society. Here they were put under general anesthetic and quickly operated on. “It was impossible to tell whose tail was whose, and we were increasingly concerned because all of them had suffered from varying degrees of tissue damage to their tails caused by circulatory impairment,” the centre said. After about 20 minutes of careful cutting the knot began to undo and the squirrels were left to recover from their anesthetic. “Now, one day later, they are all bright-eyed, and three of the five are ‘bushy-tailed’, but we’ll need to monitor all of them for a couple of days to watch for tail necrosis caused by impaired blood flow,” the centre said.

link : https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/sep/17/squirrels-tail-vets-untangle-knot-rodents-wisconsin?CMP=share_btn_tw&page=with:img-3#img-3

Source: neatorama

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