A Tetrahedral Levitating Yacht Design

Do you enjoy geometry, the high seas and being rich? If so, take a gander at this yacht concept. Designed by architect/designer Jonathan Schwinge, the HYSWAS (Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship) Tetrahedron Super Yacht is sure to be the talk of the marina:

And that’s just what it looks like sitting still. Once the HYSWAS starts moving and picks up speed…

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…you get some hydrofoil action going:

And it’s not just because it looks cool, says Schwinge:

Long distances are achievable with reduced out-of-water drag and stormy ocean conditions would incur virtually no slamming. Improved efficiency is driven by elevated hydrofoil propulsion and would be an inherent performance benefit of this type of design.

It would also, I’d think, look absolutely terrifying to Somali pirates bobbing on the surface in those little Zodiac boats.

Source: core77

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