A Thunderstorm Called Hector

Nearly every afternoon, from September to March, a thunderstorm develops over the Tiwi Islands in Northern Australia. It happens so regularly that meteorologist refer to it by name—Hector. The cumulonimbus thundercloud appears at roughly 3 PM, and is said to be so reliable that one could set their clocks by him.

Hector, also known as Hector the Convector, earned its name during the Second World War, when pilots and mariners in the region used the thundercloud’s recurring position as a sort of navigational beacon. Hector can reach immense heights, some 20km tall, and is visible all the way from Darwin, a city 100 kilometers away.

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A view of Hector from Gunn Point, Northern Territory. Photo: Djambalawa/Wikimedia

Source: amusingplanet.com

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