A Timelapse Of A Sunflower Opening Over Ten Days

This is definitely pleasing to watch. Neil Bromhall posts short, yet mesmerizing time lapses of plants growing and blooming over multiple days. One of the photographer’s latest uploads on his YouTube channel is a pair of one-minute time lapses showing a sunflower opening over ten days. Just like the other plants featured in his work, Bromhall grew his sunflower in a blackened, windowless studio with a grow light serving as artificial sunlight: 

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“Plants require periods of day and night for photosynthesis and to stimulate the flowers and leaves to open,” the photographer tells PetaPixel. “I use heaters or coolers and humidifiers to control the studio condition for humidity and temperature. You basically want to recreate the growing conditions where the plants naturally thrive.”

Lighting-wise, Bromhall uses a studio flash to precisely control his exposure regardless of the time of day it is. The grow light grows the plants while the flash illuminates the photos.

“The grow light has a blind that moves over to blocks the grow light just before I take an exposure with the flash,” Bromhall says. “After the frame is taken the blind rolls back. The exposure interval, grow light with blind, and track or rotating head are controlled by a bespoke made control box.”

Bromhall does research into each of his subjects to understand the exact conditions each plant likes to grow in.

“If they are happy, there is a good chance they will grow,” he says.

Source: neatorama

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