A Timeless New Tile Collection from Concept Surfaces

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A Timeless New Tile Collection from Concept Surfaces

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Concept Surfaces doesn’t think like a tile company, which is exactly what makes them an excellent one. An exclusive supplier of high-quality, hard-surface materials for over a decade, the Dallas-based company’s unique product portfolio just expanded even further with 3.3, a diverse collection of product designs and subtle visuals that can take your latest project to the next level.

3.3 was inspired by current trends in furniture, which the world of tile tends to follow closely. A few favorites include S.S.S. (Six Sided Shape), which offers a twist on the classic hexagonal shape by offering it in softer hues that play well with today’s most popular colors. A design that at first look might seem simple, Drive, becomes clean and timeless with the option of oversized 15”x30”.

But designing and selecting patterns for Concept Surfaces goes even further. Color, pattern, and quality all play big roles, right down to ensuring that when a faux stone is created it far exceeds the natural version through its visual appearance, consistency, depth, and quality for an authentic representation.

Design Milk reached out to a few industry designers to hear their thoughts on the 3.3 collection. Zach Weihrich, of IA Interior Architects, has taken note of large size tiling options as an emerging trend. He went on to say “I thought we were done with hexagons, but the colors, texture, and variation in sizes make S.S.S. a welcome addition to my library. Marbled and Naples (especially if paired with Naples 2.0) both bring that easy sophistication Concept Surfaces seems to get so right… Overall I think it’s a strong collection, and could be specified regularly in a range of project types. I don’t often play favorites, but one product filled a void in my heart I hadn’t realized was there. My dear sweet Messina in Ivory Gables. How would I use it you ask? With passionate, reckless abandon.”

Claudine Begay, of Faulkner Design Group, said “I am drawn to Messina for backsplash and shower walls. I think the S.S.S. tile would be great around a pool or fitness locker room – I think the colors are unique and bold. And Vogue really stands out as being unique and having an interesting pattern. Lastly, Marbled will work anywhere – in small bathrooms or large spaces – it is subtle but still timeless.”

Concept Surfaces excels at design and innovation, visit their site to see the entire 3.3 collection for yourself, as well as their unparalleled selection of porcelain tiles, glass mosaics, and hardwoods.

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