A Tiny, Utilitarian German EV That Looks Like It was Designed by Samsonite

A German EV startup called Adaptive City Mobility has developed a tiny, utilitarian electric car with some nifty features. Called the City One, it kind of looks like it was designed by Samsonite.

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The roof rack is for holding extra batteries. Because while you can charge the car by plugging it into either a fast charger or household socket…

…you can also easily swap four fresh batteries into the back, adding 120km to the car’s 240km range. (I assume that means there’s an additional non-swappable battery somewhere.)

With the battery compartment covered, you’ve got a boxy storage space that can apparently swallow quite a bit.

With the rear seats unfolded, the car will carry four.

The dashboard, like the rest of the car, is super utilitarian.

While the City One is real, and going into production, it doesn’t sound like we’ll see these on the streets of Berlin or Munich. As the company reports:

“ACM brings together German design and engineering with the quality of a world leading production partner to deliver a reliable and durable electric vehicle at a large scale. ACM is now open to receiving orders from mobility players and fleet owners across the world with a particular focus on the emerging markets.”

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The video gives you a better look at the vehicle:

Source: core77

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