A Titanium Cutting Board?!?

When it comes to kitchen items, certain objects will last forever, like a cast iron frying pan. Other things get chewed up and need eventual replacement, like cutting boards. But if you want a cutting board that falls in the former category, here’s your chance.

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This Siki cutting board, up on Kickstarter right now, is made out of freaking titanium. This seems insane to me; whether you’re slicing or chopping, your knife can’t hold a keen edge when it’s contacting metal, and I’d think you’d need to re-sharpen constantly.

(The campaign writes: “Titanium…has a hardness that is about one-third of the steel used in most kitchen knives.… Pure titanium has the characteristic of being a soft metal. It is however harder compared to other materials that are used in other chopping boards such as wood or plastic, and so you may need to sharpen your knife a little more than necessary [sic].”)

Another caveat is that, being softer than steel, it will show scratches on its surface (unless you’re some kind of EDC maniac that’s using titanium kitchen knives).

Interestingly it’s manufactured by Asahi Tekko, which is not a kitchen goods company; they’re a Japanese automotive supplier that makes engine and transmission parts(!).

The board is roughly the size of an 11″ squircle, and is just 1mm thick; to make it possible for you to lift it, one corner has been bent upwards for clearance.

The company says the benefits of a titanium cutting board are that it won’t transfer odors, it’s easy to clean, it can be wiped dry instantly (for when you wash it and want to get it right back into service, but are cutting something that oughtn’t get wet, like bread), it’s lightweight, it cannot trap mold, and it is of course likely to last forever.

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The Siki cutting board runs $147, and has already been successfully Kickstarted, with 18 days left to pledge. It’s expected to ship next January.

Source: core77

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