A Unusual Whisk with an Omega-Shaped Head

This strange-looking cooking utensil hails from Sweden:

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The Omega Vispen (vispen is Swedish for “whisk”) “stirs most things,” kitchenware manufacturer Unplugged says, and sometimes that’s desirable. Because the omega-shaped head is slightly sprung and can conform to the surface, it’s good for scraping against the bottom of pots and pans, to prevent a stew from burning, for instance. It can also mash potatoes, break up ground beef, scramble up some eggs, agitate rice as you wash it and scrape burnt rice off of the surface of a rice cooker.

And not only can it stir most things, it can pick up some things:

The Omega Whisk is made from food-grade polyamide reinforced with glass fiber, and it’s dishwasher-safe.

On the Unplugged website, the Omega Vispen gets rave reviews from chefs. I couldn’t find an official U.S. distributor, but did find an Omega Vispen seller on Amazon ($14.25).

Source: core77

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