A UX Designer's Swoopy Ergonomic Pen

London-based UX designer Mehrshad Abbaslou created this Kaarto, an aluminum ergonomic pen “to help people avoid injuries such as Repetitive strain injury (RSI).”

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“Kaarto’s real magic is in helping you gradually switch to a more light and affordable style of writing. Kaarto is designed to provide support for keeping your fingers curved properly, with a lower grip area that enables you to hold it effortlessly using your thumb and middle finger and guide it seamlessly using your index finger. In addition, the distance between the tip of the pen and your index finger is smaller, so less force is needed to guide the pen correctly. The pen feels lightweight and the way you hold it feels like you are simply writing with the index finger of your hand, for a natural and comfortable writing experience.”

I don’t have RSI and am not a fancy-writing-utensil person, but I do find the shape fetching.

Admittedly the base is a bit much for me, but at least the aesthetic is consistent.

And I do like that Abbaslou designed the Kaarto to take commonly-available pen cartridges, taking advantage of their natural flexibility to fit the form he created:

The $43 Kaarto has been successfully Kickstarted, with 11 days left to pledge at press time. Here’s what it looks like in use:

Source: core77

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