A Very Gentle Rejection Letter from David Attenborough

Rejection, whether is from a job or a date, can be painful. But sometimes, when it happens, the person turning us away can be kind about it.

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David Attenborough, a British broadcaster most famous for creating and narrating nature programs, such as Life on Earth, has a public reputation as a gentleman. He does not casually cut down people who seek his aid.

James Mielke, a producer for the video game design studio Limited Run Games, once attempted to enlist Attenborough as a voiceover artist for the game Jupiter & Mars. That’s an underwater, immersive VR experience, so Attenborough would be an ideal narrator.

Attenborough thanked Mielke for the invitation, but demurred. He doesn’t do fiction narration in order to maintain a specific public image. But he let Mielke down gently.

-via Richard Eisenbeis

Source: neatorama

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