A Visit to Reebok's Headquarters in Boston

We recently had the exciting opportunity to tour Reebok‘s 220,000 square foot headquarters located at the Boston, Massachusetts Seaport. Designed by Gensler, the massive headquarters was created with the goal of combining Reebok’s previously spread out teams and creating a more updated brand identity. The Reebok team gave us a behind the scenes look at their new facilities, including their design studio, CrossFit gym, and archive.

A major point of emphasis on the tour was the lack of assigned desks. Employees are encouraged to store their belongings in lockers so they are able to move freely around the office throughout the day. This allows room for better understanding across all areas of the brand, hinting back to a time in the company’s history where many departments were separated.

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2,000 square feet of archive space on the 5th floor is dedicated to teaching employees and visitors about the brand’s rich history. There is a full archive room along with a large display area where archivists can display their favorite pulls from the collection. Enjoy this gallery of our own personal photos mixed with a few professional ones from Gensler!

The entrance to the Reebok offices is a couple floors above the impressive Reebok gym, which we’ll get to later on in the post. The vide playing on the back wall is of the massive Reebok logo being lifted by crane onto the new building. You can now see this sign when you’re flying in and out of the airport!
Front Desk
You’re then greeted by an industrial looking desk that features subtle glowing lights in Reebok’s classic red hue.
Last Racks
Lasts for days! We quickly went up the elevator to visit what was of course our favorite part of the tour—the design department!
Last Racks
Last Racks
Pro athletes often wear custom shoes during games—the ones pictured here were made specially for Yao Ming and Shaq.
Design Studio
Machinery found in the design studio
Wear Test Machine
This is definitely the coolest machine we saw all day!

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