A Wall-Mounted Unfolding Hallway Chair

Here’s a wall-mounted temporary seat for space-tight homes. The idea is you put one in your hallway or vestibule for putting your shoes on:

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There’s a 1/4″ steel rod running the width of the seat that serves as the hinge attaching the seat to the back. Assuming you mount it correctly, the bulk of the weight should be directed down to the baseboard.

If this was ID student work, I’d have some criticism: I’d like to see some consideration of the feet, where they’re meant to meet the corner, and I’d also like to see a demonstration of it in use—is it awkward to open and place the legs? Does it need a handle? Other than that, I’d give it good marks.

The Etsy shop that sells these is called ThreeFriendCarpenter, which sounds like a lone craftsperson who’s limiting their social life. But in fact it’s a trio of carpenters who are all friends (they hail from the Ukraine, so it’s a translation thing).

Source: core77

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