About 1,000 People Sleep Rough Every Night in Singapore

Some 921 to 1,050 people sleep in public spaces like parks and unenclosed lobbies on any given night, a landmark study on homelessness in Singapore discovered. Most of these people are older men who sleep rough since they cannot afford housing, want to be near where they work, or have issues with family members or housemates.

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The study was led by assistant professor Ng Kok Hoe at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, with the help of 480 volunteers, social workers mobilised by the government, and NGOs conducting fieldwork over three months.

Of the roughly 1,000 people found sleeping rough, 191 were awake and 88 agreed to be interviewed. Six in 10 of those 88 were employed, most commonly in cleaning, odd jobs, security and retail. Those who were paid monthly earned between S$560 (US$412) and S$3,000, with the monthly median income being S$1,400 – about 60 per cent less than the $3,467 of employed Singapore residents.

Find out more about this shocking, but saddening study over at SCMP.

(Image Credit: TheOnlineCitizen.com/ SCMP)

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