About That Jumbo Sinking Restaurant…

The story went global last week that the Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong was towed out of the city and then sank. On Thursday, the owners of the boat walked back that story. In a statement to the Hong Kong government, they said that the restaurant was still in the water off the Paracel Islands.

The apparent shift in messaging follows a request from Hong Kong’s Marine Department for the restaurant group to provide a written report into the incident as part of an initial investigation.

A spokesman for Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises Limited told CNN on Friday it had always used the term “capsize” to describe the incident and had never claimed the vessel had sunk.

Most dictionaries define “capsize” as “to turn bottom up; overturn.” The exact condition of the restaurant is still unclear. The clarification raises more questions than it answers, and now there are calls for further investigation. However, the incident occurred in international waters, as the restaurant was being towed to Cambodia. Read more on this mysterious turn of events at CNN. -via Digg

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Source: neatorama

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