Abstract and hilarious kinetic characters designed by Lucas Zanotto

Those abstract and hilarious kinetic characters were designed by Lucas Zanotto, designer, animator, and director. 

Lately, he started the company YATATOY that focuses on children content. But he’s also known, especially on Instagram, for his motion characters that with their loops movement enchant the viewer.

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Using simple and geometric shapes with sparkly colors, Lucas creates a funny world made of humorous figures.

They all have a familiar pair of eyes in common that arouse a whole range of emotions from two very simple elements; two round white circles with a black dot in the middle. In the past, he’s transformed all manner of entities with the effective addition of this illustrative detail. Giant rocks, trees, cliff sides, even rectangular bits of paper have all come to life with a pair of eyes applied by Lucas’ skillful touch.

He has always been attracted to chain reactions and seamless loops.

As we can see on his Instagram account, he loves to transform objects into empathic characters.

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