Adjustable chair uses a simple and elegant mechanism

The Hybrid Chair is a new product released by Studio Lorier, offering a multi-function solution with a height adjustable. The three-legged frame supports the chair form that is covered in woolen upholstery. The nature of the sliding mechanism on the chair’s angled spine means that as the height is adjusted, the chair’s tilt is also affected. In this short video on the company’s Instagram, we see the adjustment strap in use.

Rather than seeing height adjustment as an end unto itself, the designers see how height can be a function of the chair’s task. The product description says that the chair can act as a desk chair, dinner chair, or lounge chair.

hybrid-chair_120416_06F05-Hybrid-Chair-total-Studio-Lorier-adjustable-lounge-chairhybrid-chair_120416_05F05-Hybrid-Chair-detail-back-Studio-Lorier-adjustable-lounge-chair F05-Hybrid-Chair-detail-fabric-Studio-Lorier-adjustable-lounge-chair F05-Hybrid-Chair-front-Studio-Lorier-adjustable-lounge-chair F05-Hybrid-Chair-iso1-Studio-Lorier-adjustable-lounge-chair


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