Advancements in Turbo-Encabulation Have Led to the Development of the HyperEncabulator

The Turbo-Encabulator is a classic engineering joke that dates back to at least 1944. It’s a long, deadpan description of a fictitious piece of new technology. It is, from an engineering perspective, complete gibberish.

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In 1977, Bud Haggart, an actor from many industrial training films, produced a now-famous video version of this script, supposedly describing a turbo-encabulator developed by Crysler. At the 1:54 mark of the video, actor Mike Kraft takes over the description of this imaginary machine.

A decade later, Kraft reprised Haggart’s role in a sketch created for Rockwell Automation. But this veteran actor wasn’t done yet. A few months ago, Kraft created the above video describing even further advances in encabulation with the HyperEncabulator, which was invented by SANS, a professional organization for cybersecurity professionals.

Let us be grateful for the march of progress.

-via David Burge

Source: neatorama

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