After Being Denied Entry To A Party Bus Because Of Her Size, This Woman Is Calling Out Discrimination Based On Weight On TikTok

When you think of a party bus, your mind automatically jumps to good times with friends, right? Though, apparently, some party buses aren’t for everyone and discriminate against you based on your size and weight. If you’re a “big girl,” you’re not welcome. That’s the negative experience that 27-year-old body positivity advocate Fallon Melillo had on a recent trip.

The Texan from San Antonio traveled to Miami Beach in Florida where she and her friends decided to head to a pool party and opted to go on a party bus. Who doesn’t like party buses, right? However, she was told that she wasn’t allowed on the bus because of her size.

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Fallon shared the story on TikTok where it immediately went viral. Scroll down to get all the details and let us know what you think of the entire situation in the comments, dear Pandas.

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Fallon shared how a party bus denied her entry because of her size and how she felt utterly humiliated

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The woman believes that the entire business model needs to change to be more accepting of customers of all sizes

You can watch Fallon’s full video right over here

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The woman shared that her group of friends was planning to go to a party held at a club called Daer on July 31. However, Fallon spotted that the Spring Break Miami Party Service Bus’ description on Eventbrite listed some fairly disturbing info.

“Sorry, no big girls for this party! The doorman is very strict on appearance. If you have had problems getting into exclusive clubs before, then this is not for you! Please don’t waste your time nor ours thinking that we can get you inside if you do not meet the qualifications,” the page said.

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Fallon told BuzzFeed’s Alexa Lisitza that she and her friends reached out to the club and they assured them that they don’t discriminate against weight. Naturally, they relaxed and thought that everything would go swimmingly. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

When they got to the party bus, one of the staff members told Fallon’s friend that they wouldn’t allow the 27-year-old plus-size woman on board because of her weight. Fallon felt utterly humiliated and embarrassed.

Fallon told BuzzFeed: “Being turned away in front of other people because of how I look and my size was absolutely humiliating. I was embarrassed and shocked, to say the least. Even though I know I am beautiful on the inside and out, this moment made me feel helpless. This is what every plus-size person fears—being turned away from an event because of how we look.”

She also posted an update about how the bus service supposedly changed their name (while still being discriminatory)

Nobody reached out to Fallon to apologize to her, even as her story went viral online

Image credits: fallonlindsey

Image credits: fallonlindsey

The group got a refund and found another way to get to the club. Since the incident, the party bus’ Eventbrite page got taken down and replaced by a new event that’s called ‘Open Bar Party + DAER Pool Party (EDM – Electronic Music) A model look is encouraged.’

They also added this bit of discriminatory information in the description: “As much as we would like to welcome everyone, admission to this exclusive event is very selective and we reserve the right [to] deny service.”

Fallon believes that the idea that having a model look is encouraged is “disgusting” and discriminatory against plus-size women. She also pointed out that there are plenty of plus-size models now, so the term isn’t as clear-cut as the bus service would like it to be.

The body positivity advocate noted in an update that many Miami party bus services discriminate against women who are bigger. What’s more, absolutely nobody from the bus service or the club reached out to Fallon to apologize to her for what happened. With her story going viral, you’d think that they’d do at least that.

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