After LHC, Steps Toward The Next Big Collider

Tackling a big project like the Large Hadron Collider requires not just resources but also public support. With the success that the LHC has achieved, there have been talks within the particle physics circles about the next step to take after the LHC.

In doing an undertaking like that, they say that the major consideration they need to account for is communication, not just to investors or governments but also to the general public who now have more interest in the matter and want to be more involved as well.

The landscape of communications has changed dramatically since the pre-web/mobile days of the nascent LHC.

In one of 160 written contributions to the ESPP update, the International Particle Physics Outreach Group (IPPOG) emphasises the strategic relevance of concerted, global outreach activities for future colliders, stating that the success of such endeavours “depends greatly on the establishment of broad public support, as well as the commitment of key stakeholders and policymakers throughout Europe and the world”.

IPPOG proposes that particle physics outreach and communication be explicitly recognised as strategic pillars in the final ESPP update document in 2020.

(Image credit: Wikimedia Foundation, CC by SA 3.0)

Source: neatorama

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