After Travis Kelce’s “Dad Bod” Pics Go Viral, The Football Star Defends Weight Gain

During the latest episode of their New Heights podcast, Jason and Travis Kelce started a brotherly debate about who would win in a drinking contest, with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end addressing the commentary on his NFL off-season weight gain.

Jason and Travis were joined by Philadelphia Eagles running back Saquon Barkley, who ignited the discussion after asking the brothers who had the strongest liver.

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“I’m pretty sure I’ve beaten Jason the last three to five times,” Travis bragged about at the start. 

“This is completely made up. First of all, what’s the competition? You’re talking about chugging a beer?” Jason responded.

Travis Kelce defended his “dad body” and bragged about beating his brother Jason in a drinking competition

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The now-retired football player affirmed that he could “definitely drink more volume.”

“I don’t even think that’s a question,” he said.

His younger brother clearly disagreed. “What?” he exclaimed. “You’re already down to 260 [pounds, 117 kilos].”

Jason corrected Travis, explaining that he actually weighs 283 pounds (128 kilos).

The Chiefs tight end laughed. “We’re in the same weight class now. It’s March! We’re in the same weight class right now,” he said.

The 34-year-old’s comment comes after people began drawing attention to his physique following a vacation with girlfriend, Taylor Swift, in the Bahamas.

Travis was spotted in the Bahamas during a vacation with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift

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The couple, who have been publicly dating for six months, took some time off after Taylor’s six sold-out shows in Singapore and Travis’ Super Bowl win against the San Francisco 49ers.

Instead of focusing on the pair’s much-needed getaway, some people made body-shaming remarks regarding Travis’ “dad body.” The term describes a male physique that is somewhat slim but has a “beer belly” instead of a six-pack.

Travis doesn’t seem too worried about not fitting the Hollywood stereotype of a perfect male figure, as he was able to shake off the criticism and emphasize the need to relax during the post-season period.

What’s more, he plans to treat himself to a massive 30-slice pizza in Ohio next month.

“We’re in the same weight class now. It’s March!” the Chiefs tight end joked with his older brother

Image credits: New Heights

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Image credits: New Heights

Watch the latest episode of the New Heights podcast below

During the same podcast episode, the Kelce brothers revealed that after landing in Cincinnati to record a live episode of their podcast—scheduled for April 11 at Nippert Stadium—they will pay a visit to Adriatico’s Pizza to devour “the Bearcat.”

According to the pizza restaurant’s website, the Bearcat typically feeds 10-12 people and comes out to 30 slices.

Jason revealed during the podcast that his brother has already taken on the challenge and emerged victorious.

“I’ve seen you eat a full Bearcat all by yourself,” Jason said to Travis.

“And I was bigger than you right now!” Travis responded.

“You were enormous,” Jason added. “Might’ve been the most impressive physical feat I’ve ever seen you do.”

“What is this expectation that everyone needs to have abs to be in shape?” someone wrote

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