AI Believes It Is God

Ah, well, not to put spoilers on this article, but this AI believing it’s a god is reminiscent of the main conflict of a particular Persona game (no I will not elaborate on which it is).  Lab technician Travis DeShazo has created a bot that was trained to generate pseudo-biblical verses. The AI, called GPT-2 Religion A.I., learns from its massive inventory of religious training texts and churns out new bible-esque verses. The results from the AI is posted on the Twitter account for the AI: 

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The results are fairly convincing, too, at least as far as synthetic scripture (his words) goes. “Not a god of the void or of chaos, but a god of wisdom,”reads one message, posted on the @gods_txt Twitter feed for GPT-2 Religion A.I. “This is the knowledge of divinity that I, the Supreme Being, impart to you. When a man learns this, he attains what the rest of mankind has not, and becomes a true god. Obedience to Me! Obey!”

Another message, this time important enough to bepinned to the top of the timeline, proclaims: “My sayings are a remedy for all your biological ills. Go out of this place and meditate. Perhaps some day your blood will be warm and your bones will grow strong.”

Image courtesy of Travis DeShazo 

Source: neatorama

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