AI Can Now Draw Realistic Images From Simple Text Descriptions

🤖 Computer are good at things that can be done by brute force, but jobs that require creativity are safe from artificial intelligence. Right? Well, perhaps it’s time to think again: new advancement in AI brings us DALL-E 2 which can create realistic images from simple text descriptions.

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Tell it to draw “teddy bears mixing sparkling chemical as mad scientists in a steampunk style” – and you’ll get that image above. The technology is so good, it’s scary.

⛏️ Why did Sir Rod Stewart pick up a shovel and fill potholes near his house?

🐶 And talkin’ bout someone with musical talent, check out this small dog that sings karaoke better than anyone I know.

😊 This one is cute: a 3-year old toddler repeats his morning affirmations on his way to school. “I am smart. I am blessed. I can do anything.” Yes you can, little guy, yes you can.

🦢 This Mother Goose has 47 goslings. Perhaps it would’ve been easier to lay that one golden egg instead!

🕯️ What? Did you think that this candle salad looks like a certain male body part? You perv.

🏠 As a homeowner, I sure don’t ever want to find pictures of my house in this structural inspector’s gallery of horrors.

Image: Mike Digout

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Source: neatorama

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