AI Can Now Draw Realistic Images From Simple Text Descriptions

Computer are good at things that can be done by brute force, but jobs that require creativity are safe from artificial intelligence. Right? Well, perhaps it’s time to think again: new advancement in AI brings us DALL-E 2 which can create realistic images from simple text descriptions.

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Tell it to draw “teddy bears mixing sparkling chemical as mad scientists in a steampunk style” – and you’ll get that image above. The technology is so good, it’s scary.

儭 Why did Sir Rod Stewart pick up a shovel and fill potholes near his house?

And talkin’ bout someone with musical talent, check out this small dog that sings karaoke better than anyone I know.

This one is cute: a 3-year old toddler repeats his morning affirmations on his way to school. “I am smart. I am blessed. I can do anything.” Yes you can, little guy, yes you can.

This Mother Goose has 47 goslings. Perhaps it would’ve been easier to lay that one golden egg instead!

What? Did you think that this candle salad looks like a certain male body part? You perv.

As a homeowner, I sure don’t ever want to find pictures of my house in this structural inspector’s gallery of horrors.

Image: Mike Digout

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Source: neatorama

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