aiko tezuka

Sigh, that is very nice to hear. This is the gorgeous textile work of Tokyo born, Berlin based artist Aiko Tezuka. Now, I don’t see one drop of paint on any of these gorgeous pieces, but according to her CV, Aiko has her BFA, Masters and PhD in painting. How, when, why did she start working with fiber? I don’t know! I do know why painting surfaces wasn’t enough for her though:

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“Since the very beginning of my artistic career, I have been interested in the surface of objects. For a painting student, to think about how to make a good composition or a beautiful surface is an expected task, but it was not mine. My essential interest has been what makes up the surface of the object; through which processes was the surface produced; how could I peel off the surface; what things could I see behind the surface; And how could I embody these things behind the surface into my work. Although we are completely surrounded by surfaces, we cannot physically enter things in even one millimeter under the surface. Every time we peel a surface, a new surface will appear immediately, like an infinite loop. That means, behind the surface is unreachable and always invisible. Then my next question appears, how to perceive these infinite surfaces, or how to loosen the surfaces that seem to be firmly interwoven? … I am still asking myself what to unravel and what to reweave in our time.” ~ 2017


Photos by Andreas Weiss and Ole Akhoej

Source: thejealouscurator

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