Air-to-water technology designed for the military now used for humanitarian projects

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“We are a business company, but our vision is a humanitarian one,” this is what Water-gen executive chairman Maxim Pasik said about their company’s collaboration with disaster-relief units. With the help of the company’s machine that utilizes air-to-water technology, NGOs can now provide safe drinking water to areas struck by natural calamities.

The machine was originally engineered for the use of the military. Arye Kohavi, the founder of Water-gen, served time for the Israeli Defence Forces and had first-hand experience of how water shortage can be debilitating. The design was initially sold, but now the company has reached out to humanitarian organizations with the hope of helping more people in need.

The air-to-water units are easy to transport, only need electricity to function can be placed in any location with a minimum temperature of seven degrees Celsius. Each unit can produce up to 6,000 liters of clean, drinking water – a quantity enough to provide for a whole village.

Water-gen’s air-to-water technology has already served people in New Delhi, India and helped relief efforts after hurricane Irma and Harvey struck the USA.



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