Airbnb Guests Share The Most Ridiculous Fees And Checkout Lists They’ve Ever Seen (49 Posts)

Travelers who use Airbnb hate its cleaning fees. You know, those annoying expenses attached to a property that supposedly cover the costs of tidying up the place for the next visitor.

In fact, they got so bad that in November, Airbnb said it was planning to make some big changes and make customer bills more transparent that should, in return, incentivize hosts to reduce or forgo them altogether.

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To show you that this decision was long overdue, we at Bored Panda decided to compile some of the most absurd Airbnb cleaning fees people have noticed. Having said that, I guess it’s better late than never, eh?

#1 Port Huron, MI, Outrageous Airbnb 67$/Night Listing Came Out To 261$. Can’t Forget The 150$ Cleaning Fee That Will Be Conducted By The Guest

Image credits: LockPuzzleheaded3519

#2 $59 For One Night

Image credits: NeilJacobs

#3 Fees That Add $653 To A 2-Day $210 Per Night Airbnb

Image credits: Significant_Return47

#4 Not Cool Airbnb

Image credits: NicolasOrdonez_

#5 How Airbnb Allows You To Be Charged A Large Cleaning Fee Then Be Required To Clean Before You Check Out

Image credits: f**kteachforamerica

#6 Airbnb Owner Expects Us To Tip His Cleaning Service He Hired On Top Of The $250 Cleaning Fee

Image credits: Rpark888

#7 This Is Why Nobody Wants To Use Airbnb Anymore… Price Nearly Doubled After All The Fees

Image credits: Tumbleweed-Eater

#8 Sure Can’t Wait For The Airbnb Bubble To Pop

Image credits: cubansbottomdollar

#9 In Our Airbnb In The Middle Of Nowhere

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Image credits: Lachesis92

#10 My Airbnb Estimate – No Wonder Bookings Are Down

Image credits: WSNC-JBR

#11 Namaste

Image credits: SamaraKlar

#12 Sounds Fair

Image credits: THE_BLK_HOUSE

#13 This Airbnb Would Have Only Cost Us $278 To Book For 2 Nights, But Has A $405 Cleaning Fee!

Image credits: alison_bee

#14 This Misleading Airbnb Listing That Was Most Definitely Not $74/Night

Image credits: rarosko

#15 All Those Fees

Image credits: SincerelyDedra

#16 Insane

Image credits: Whereartthou9

#17 I’m Paying $200 Cleaning Fee And Expected To Do Most Of The Cleaning!

Image credits: betrayed-by-potter

#18 Just A Short List

Image credits: loreestark

#19 How About No

Image credits: pitdesi

#20 My First Airbnb Bill. I Booked This In February. The Website Says Nothing About Cleaning Or Service Fees Which Raises The Price 30%. Should Have Stayed In A Hotel

Image credits: 7dayweekendgirl

#21 27% Service Fee

Image credits: LyskovAndrei

#22 Will Never Use Airbnb Or Vrbo Again. These Fees Are Insane!

Image credits: Impressive-Onion5221

#23 Not Cool

Image credits: JonEJacobs

#24 A Great “Deal” From Airbnb, Only $215 Per Night. Wait, Sorry, It’s $462 Per Night

Image credits: Mydesilife

#25 Airbnb Advertised As $20/Night – With Over $100 Of Additional Fees

Image credits: fuckitup_johnny

#26 Airbnb Fees

Image credits: bodega_bladerunner

#27 Charge Ya Momma

Image credits: kimmie_marshae

#28 Wow

Image credits: joumpac

#29 Hmmmm

Image credits: whoisMELY

#30 Just No

Image credits: mikekarnj

#31 Fees On Airbnb

Image credits: Post-jizz

#32 Welcome To Capitalism 101

Image credits: MeStylePaandi

#33 Word

Image credits: whatthefedge

#34 Why?

Image credits: ryanlwalker

#35 These Fees Are Getting Out Of Hand

Image credits: WolfgangBremer

#36 Hmm

Image credits: AyatNieves

#37 This Sign Is Posted All Over The Airbnb We’re Staying At. Are They Serious With This S**t?

Image credits: retundamonkey

#38 My Airbnb Host Wanted Me To Tip Housekeeping…on Top Of The $200 Cleaning Fee

Image credits: Able-Cobbler5307

#39 Wow

Image credits: breannawelsh

#40 Feels Like False Advertising. Fees And Tax Are More Than The Room Rate. Airbnb

Image credits: Earlspooperscooper

#41 Airbnb Pricing. Not Only Do They Add “Cleaning Fee” And “Service Fee” To The Nightly Rate, But The Nightly Rate Is Raised For “Extra Guests.” I Selected 8 Guests For A House That Says 10 Guests. What Could Be A Reasonable $500 Stay Ends Up Doubled Due To Extra Fees

Image credits: Kjostid

#42 Just No Words

Image credits: butchsweaters

#43 How About No

Image credits: mpb7496

#44 Airbnb Is Refusing To Give Refund After Host Demands $250 Extra Before Arrival, Not Mentioned In Original Posting

Image credits: big_hearted_jerk

#45 $75 If You’re Not Out On Time

Image credits: TinaKastory

#46 Clean After Yourselves

Image credits: bklyn_chic87

#47 Airbnb/Booking Hosts.. Where Do You People Get Off On This?

Image credits: NimbleMango

#48 Amazing

Image credits: anylaurie16

#49 Hotel Is Less Than This

Image credits: 7_jsol


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