AIs Will Put 'Care' Back in Healthcare

With the increasing capacity of artificial intelligence to do numerous tasks, we will see more of them in various fields in the future. In particular medical AI are becoming quite a hyped prospect. This doesn’t mean that AI will replace doctors and other healthcare professionals though. But AI will help our healthcare pros spend time on what matters most.

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The AI revolution, still in its early phase in medicine, is already spurring some amazing advances, despite the fact that some experts say it has been overhyped. IBM’s Watson Health program is a case in point.

IBM capitalized on Watson’s ability to process natural language by designing algorithms that devour data like medical articles and analyze images like MRIs and medical slides. The algorithms help diagnose diseases and recommend treatment strategies.

Most of the issues which surround medical AI is how to convert and translate data in a way that would bridge the communication gap between these data-crunching algorithms and the humans who would use these data to prescribe the proper treatment for diseases.

But once we are able to jump over that hurdle, it will provide medical access and efficiency in giving treatments. It will also give medical professionals much needed time to recuperate instead of being steeped in mountains of work causing them to spend so many hours which they could use for themselves.

We are a ways away from that but with support from various industries as well as independent healthcare projects being launched by giant corporations, we will hopefully soon see our healthcare sectors improving for everyone’s benefit.

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