“AITA For Making My Daughter Leave Because My Husband Is Attracted To Her?”

Navigating children and a second marriage is no easy task. The kids may not always approve of the parents’ choice to remarry, while the couple might feel pressured to act in a way that’s best for their offsprings, putting their relationship on the back burner.

However, this couple behaved in the opposite way, putting their needs first and forgetting their daughter’s. This eventually led to her leaving the home because the stepfather found it hard to be around her all day. Feeling bad about this whole situation, the mother turned to the AITAH community, asking if what they did was wrong.

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Navigating children and a second marriage can be a difficult task

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For this family, matters became even more complicated after the wife found out her new husband was attracted to his step-daughter

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Psychologists say it can be healthy to prioritize one’s spouse

In a marriage with children, it seems counterintuitive to put yourself first, says psychologist Yvonne Thomas. However, according to her, it’s actually healthier to make the spouse the foremost priority, as a solid marriage foundation will make the kids more stable, secure, and happy. 

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“By experiencing this emotional stability between their parents, the kids can learn how to do this when they have their own romantic relationships, too,” she says. At the same time, partners will feel more loved and appreciated, which can make kids feel more comfortable and content as well. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer Marisa Peer believes that prioritizing the relationship with a spouse also helps raise children with a stronger sense of self-worth. “Your job as a parent is to raise your child with incredibly high self-esteem,” she says. “Many parents think their job is to protect their child or give their child organic foods. All of that is important, but the self-esteem of your child is the most important.”

Licensed marriage and family therapist Charlie Bloom explains that the idea that kids should always be the top priority has gotten to the point where parents are often judged and ostracized for it. This can become harmful, causing couples to neglect their relationship and take on helicopter parenting. 

It can further lead to children growing up with the expectation that the world is going to give them anything they desire, which creates a sense of entitlement. “We deal with this quite a bit because parents pick up this cultural bias toward favoring the needs of children above everyone else,” he says. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that there will be times when kids need more of their parent’s attention

However, putting your relationship needs first doesn’t mean that a parent loves their spouse more than their children. Instead, Bloom suggests, “What you’re really saying is, ‘I do love you both, but there are times when it looks to me like the best decision to make is this decision, and most of the time that decision is going to disappoint one of you. I hope you can understand when I do that it’s not because I love you any less or the other person deserves more, it’s because, in my judgment at that time, it felt like the right decision to make.’”

To avoid neglecting one part of the family, it’s important to strive for balance as much as possible. Thomas encourages couples to set aside time on their calendars to rekindle the romantic and passionate side of their relationship and take it as seriously as any other commitment. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that there will be times when kids will need more of their parent’s attention. Life occasionally happens, and we can’t always predict the changes, crises, or other circumstances that will require more of our care. Some weeks, it might be about children, while others may be dedicated to work. Things shift, and that’s totally normal. Having a firm belief that the spouse or the kids should always come first can cause issues. Therefore, Peer advises, “Understanding that this fluctuates is one of the keys to having an amazing marriage.”

Trying to make everyone a priority might be overwhelming. Something that can significantly help is good communication. No one is born a mind reader, so having an honest conversation when times get tough might help solve problems as they arise. This might take some soul-searching and self-reflection, but it’s important to let them go so it doesn’t turn into resentment in the long run. 

The readers’ unanimously titled the mother as wrong

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