Alastair Philip Wiper's "Unintended Beauty" Photo Book of Industrial Spaces

Fascinated with the intersection of industry, science and architecture, British photographer Alastair Philip Wiper has visited his share of factories and industrial facilities. His website is loaded with photos revealing his capacity for capturing the almost terrifyingly organized beauty of them:

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This month he’s released a new book documenting the best of them, Unintended Beauty.

Unintended Beauty offers a rare insight into places of work, knowledge and power that are normally kept behind closed doors. Unintended Beauty is a photographic exploration of industrial iconography and scientific symbolism found in technical facilities in around the world. The book reveals the accidental aesthetics, sublime complexities and rich details of our machines – machines that smash atoms together, build aeroplanes, produce medicine, make shoes, stuff sausages, and more.

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Click here to see more of his work, and you can order Unintended Beauty here.

Also, if you’re a B&O fan, check out Wiper’s previous book The Art of Impossible: The Bang & Olufsen Design Story.

Source: core77

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