ALBA Optics | Retro Inspired sunglasses

Authentic iconic sunglasses worn by cycling legends . 80’s and 90’s are back with style! Thanks Alba Optics!
“Every victory starts with a vision”
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“With ALBA Optics we want to bring the iconic shapes of the past back to life, adapting to the latest modern technology. The DELTA sunglasses frames are custom made using an original refurbished mould, designed in Italy back in 1988 preserved for nearly two decades. The ALBA team stands behind athletes who strive everyday to improve their sport performances and to make their dreams come true, by offering a design product beautiful to wear and totally functional from a technical point of view.
Our research began a year ago, knocking on the doors of many artisans in Northern Italy to find the frame that was right for us. Once we found it we tested it and decided to start the production, using the most modern materials available. That’s how we were able to create the Delta frame, topped with an excellent system of lenses to ensure perfect vision during your sports session.
Alba means new life. Gone is the time when athletes used to wake up and begin working hard to achieve a goal. Alba is a natural phenomenon that traces the path, it is the light after dark.”

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DELTA glasses are inspired to models from the 80’s and 90’s. Laurent Fignon, called The Professor, wins the Giro d’Italia in 1989, only a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Computers make their way into homes and offices. Gianni Bugno makes people dream. Miguel Indurain, the last of the biggest champions. The first time of a Russian, Berzin and the only time of the pirate Pantani, who is responsible for an Italian reborn passion for cycling. Internet and the global communication.
The material of the frames is Tr90, made from nylon and carbon fiber, organically compatible and safe to the skin, even after a prolonged use. It is 20% lighter that other conventional materials and it offers more protection against crashes and tractions. It provides a high resilience without deformation when exposed to high temperatures, after being bent, it reverts to its original shape.
The glasses wearability allows a perfect vision when shifting your eyes from the pedals to the road. This particular aspect enables the athlete to stay focused on his performance without interferences. The temples are strong and guarantee to stay put even in case of shocks or sudden head movements.
DELTA uses A-LENS™ made from scratch resistant polycarbonate base 6 non-centered to enable a fixed vision without side deformation. Their curve covers an optical cone of 180°, allowing an excellent protection against the wind and strong light, that often reflects on other sunglasses creating an eye blinding effect.

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