Aldi Released A Line Of Adorable Tiny Sofas For Dogs

If you think your pet can’t get any more adorable, think again. Just imagine them cuddled up like a tiny little precious pretzel on a miniature sofa made just for them. It’s somehow so appealing seeing your pets on pieces of furniture that are supposed to be for humans but were adapted for the tiny world of our pets. Thanks to Aldi, this dream can be turned into reality on March 21st of this year as they are bringing back their famous tiny dog beds. If you are anything like us here and treat your pets like babies, we’re not really sure how it’s going to be possible to resist such a cute purchase.

The Pampered Pets Special Buys are back on the shelves of Aldi stores on March 21st

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If you ever feel bothered by your pets taking over your sofa but don’t have the heart to ask them to get down, Aldi has the perfect solution for you. They’re releasing two sizes of animal beds that will surely leave both parties happy and you’ll get to enjoy the precious sight of your adorable pupper all curled up on their own little couch.

It features this adorably tiny sofa for puppies or small dogs as the line’s frontrunner

The tiny sofa that’s going on sale on Saturday, March 21st, is designed for our tiniest friends weighing up to 15kg and will cost $59.99. If you don’t see it as enough of pampering for your pet, you can also get a matching pawprint blanket for $9.99.

They’re bringing it back after this tiny sofa was welcomed at stores as an absolute hit

If your doggo doesn’t fall into the tiny pet category, Aldi has you covered as well. They’ll also be selling large pet sofas that are no less cute but are suitable for dogs that weigh up to 45kgs. The only downside, you’ll have to splurge a little bit more as it costs $99.99.

The store doesn’t forget our larger pet friends and has a chic sofa for them as well

If your pet doesn’t strike you as the sofa-type animal, you can still spoil them with an adorable memory foam mat. Just be aware that Aldi Special Buys are only available while the stock lasts so if you feel like spoiling your pet, make sure you’re not the last in line!

They will also have these cute memory foam mats for doggos selling at $19.99

And a pet bowl mat selling at $7.99

While most people loved it, some were not convinced their puppers would leave human sofas for their own tiny versions


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