Almost 400K People Have Joined This Group Dedicated To Long Hair, And Here 42 Of The Most Impressive Pics

Long hair has always been popular in human culture – for both women and men. Thanks to his hair, the biblical hero Samson received his inhuman strength, princess Rapunzel’s hair allowed her to escape from the high tower, and braided hair symbolized youth, beauty and even independence among different peoples.

In the contemporary world, the fashion for different hairstyles changes from decade to decade, long hair went in and out of the thread – but there were always people who took care of their hair with love. Of course, modern cosmetics provide great opportunities in terms of hair care – and people are willing to use this.

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For example, there is a whole community on Reddit called “Long Hair”, dedicated, as its founders themselves note, “to anyone interested in growing, maintaining, and styling long hair”. As of today, the community has around 398K members. Not all of them have the strength, patience and natural predisposition to grow long hair, but who, in the end, prevents you from looking at these beautiful photos?

Bored Panda has collected for you the most popular, spectacular and simply brilliant pictures of the members of this community, so now feel free to scroll to the very end, admire this beauty with us and, who knows, maybe today you will decide to grow long hair? After all, it’s so beautiful!

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#1 4 Year Hair Growth With No Hair Cuts, Not Even Trims. From Yesterday, Back To Senior Year Of Hs (2018)

Image credits: matthewcdotrice

#2 I Don’t See A Lot Of Afros On This Sub — Figured I Would Contribute!

Image credits: 2noserings

#3 36 Inches Of Curlzzz !

Image credits: ResidentCedarHugger

#4 My Mom Used To Cut Her Hair Short And Perm It, But Since I’ve Been Caring For Her I Let It Grow. She’s 93!

Image credits: sunnysideup689

#5 Sometimes I Don’t Know If I Want To Put It Up Or Let It Down. As You Can See It’s Everywhere . Lol

Image credits: BAYto310

By the way, in many cultural traditions of the peoples of the world, it is forbidden to cut long hair or, moreover, to shave – both for men and women. For example, Sikhs are forbidden to cut their hair throughout their entire lives, and their religion considers compliance with this ban to be one of its most important attributes.

#6 Went To The Renaissance Festival Recently And Got A 7 Strand Braid Done

Image credits: theninjaforhire

#7 Shaved My Head 2.5 Years Ago, Now It Won’t Stop Growing!

Image credits: passionpeaches

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#8 I Started Growing My Hair At 15. Here I Am At 23 And 50

Image credits: Redditwrong420

#9 Have A Lovely, Happy, Funny Week Lovelies. Keep Smiling:))

Image credits: Dreadindian

#10 Saying Goodbye To My Pandemic Hair; Chemo Starts Next Week

Image credits: edrabbit

Interestingly, according to some studies, women are more predisposed to have long hair – after all, the hormone estrogen, which, in particular, is responsible for the lifespan of each hair, is present in the female body in much greater quantities than in the male one. So it turns out that the “life span” of a woman’s hair is on average 2.5 times longer than that of a man’s.

#11 My Hair After Four Months Of Weekly Rosemary And Peppermint Oil Treatments

Image credits: Why_is_the_sky_blue

#12 My Face Wasn’t Cooperating But My Hair Sure Was✌️

Image credits: That-Bike

#13 ??

Image credits: iridescenceeee

#14 Undid My Braid And Thought My Hair Looked Pretty 🙂

Image credits: FayeTealeaf

#15 Hair Down vs. Hair Up. 1 Year And 5 Months Into The Journey!

Image credits:

Probably the most popular bearer of long hair in modern culture is Rapunzel from an old German fairy tale and, more importantly, the famous Disney cartoon. Devoted fans specifically calculated the length of the princess’ hair and got about 70 feet. By the way, in order to make Rapunzel’s hair look realistic on the screen, a special computer program was made to calculate the movement of almost 100 thousand individual strands.

#16 Been Vibin With The Half Bun Lately

Image credits: 7iar

#17 Lost Half My Hair’s Thickness Due To Birth Control Pills And Stress. Quit Bc, Quit My Stressful Job, Cut Hair Off To A Bob. This Is My Hair 3 Years Later. ?

Image credits: gingersnappzz

#18 My Hair Looks A Bit Like Fire In The Sun

Image credits: FrumpItUp

#19 Haircut And Feeling Great!

Image credits: GodivaWasALady

#20 Everyday Braided Bun

Image credits: meatloafmadeoutofcat

But in the real world, someone has even broken the record of a Disney princess. Asha Mandela from Florida entered the Guinness Book of Records back in 2009 when her locks were almost 20 feet long. Now, thirteen years later, the woman can boast 110 feet of her locks.

If, according to statistics, the average American spends about $77.17 a year on hair care, one can only guess how much her hair costs the world record holder. However, such beauty, we are sure, it is definitely worth it!

#21 From Bald After My 2nd Battle With Cancer To Now During My 3rd Battle With Cancer ( 5 Years Growth )

Image credits: IrishLeo77

#22 Fun And Easy Hairstyle For Long Hair, Made From 12 Braids

Image credits: mental_mooncake

#23 I Made The Chop ?

Image credits: crassula_lula

#24 Now That I’m In My 40s, I’m Finally Letting My Hair Grow As Long And Wild As It Was When I Was 9

Image credits: HeatherDrawsAnimals

#25 I Braced Myself And Got Rid Of The Very Dead Ends Today The Stylist Had Never Seen Hair So Long & Had To Crouch On The Floor For The Initial Chop

Image credits: theredgoldlady

#26 You’re Never Too Old For Long Hair. She’s 94!

Image credits: sunnysideup689

#27 Rainbow Hair From A Prism

Image credits: sofutofu

#28 It’s A Mess But I’m So Proud

Image credits: Raptorhellokitty

#29 Tried The Heatless Sock Curls. Not Perfect But My Hair Feels So Soft And Less Damage

Image credits: m2kny

#30 Hard To Capture Myself, But I Finally Felt The Confidence With My Long Hair To Try Some New Hairstyles, And I Feel Pretty Excited About This One!

Image credits: leaveleaves

#31 Today Marks My Three Year Anniversary. How’s It Look Guys?

Image credits: Gavin_Raine

#32 Dyed My Blonde Ends Red! Playing With Colour Before It Grows Out And I Snip It Off

Image credits: luciphyrr

#33 I Love My Long Messy Ponytail (Even Though I Feel Like Peter Pan From The Front)

Image credits: westcoast_pixie

#34 Bee Happy

Image credits: gregornot

#35 Almost 6 Years In September 🙂

Image credits: c_palmtree

#36 4 Years Of Hair Growth From Shoulder Length

Image credits: sh0000k

#37 I’m Really Starting To Like How My Hair Looks When I’m Outside! My Hair Officially Goes Past My Bum!

Image credits: gingisickasfrick

#38 Needed To Flex My Hair Growth Somewhere

Image credits: twe12ve

#39 Decided To Try Growing My Hair Out A Bit

Image credits: -Pine4pples-

#40 It’s Been Years In The Making, But I Am Officially 2ft Hair (First Pic Is From April Swipe For Today’s!)

Image credits: goffbitch

#41 My Sweet Friend Just Braided My Hair!! She’s The Best!!!!❤️

Image credits: averyfoster11

#42 Hair Finally Hit The Back Of My Knees. I’d Always Said This Was The Length I’d Cut At. Now I’m Not So Sure

Image credits: robynne31345


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