Almost Pong is a One-Button Game

Thomas Palef made a game so simple that it can’t possibly be challenging, right? Wrong. Almost Pong has the same goal as Pong, in that you are batting a ball back and forth between two paddles (yeah, like ping pong). The difference is that there’s only you, and only one button, which is your spacebar or your mouse. There’s not even a start button. The kicker here is that you are playing as the ball.

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While the instructions and gameplay are simple, you have to adjust your reflexes from the paddles to the ball, which might take a couple of rounds. Oh, yeah, you do not have control of the paddles. They will move at random, but so far they have given me plenty of warning. That might change if you play for longer than I’ve managed to. Almost Pong is mindless but simple fun, at least at lower levels. -via Kottke

Source: neatorama

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