Alternative, Compact Design for Jar Opener Doesn't Rely on Grip, Force or Leverage

Here’s a good example of outside-of-the-box design thinking, from British company Pro4UK.

Conventional jar openers are designed to increase grip and leverage, forcing reluctant lids open with brute strength.

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Pro4UK reckons this is the wrong way to solve the problem.

“The reason why jars are so difficult to open,” they write, “is due to the vacuum inside causing a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the jar. This difference in pressure creates a downward force on the lid, making it difficult to remove.”

Their invention, POPit, “removes the problem – rather than trying to overpower it.” It consists of two pieces of plastic, a top and a bottom.

Inside is a spring.

A needle is embedded in the center of the top.

When the top is rotated to the “unlock” position indicated by an icon, you can press it downwards. The needle then protrudes from the bottom.

By placing it atop a jar and puncturing the lid, the pressure is equalized.

Opening the jar becomes nearly effortless.

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Here’s the science demo, if you need to see it:

I don’t imagine the diminutive pinhole in the lid would be a problem; it looks too small for bugs to get into, or for fluids to come rushing out of if knocked over. I suppose one issue might be if you’ve got a strongly fragrant foodstuff (i.e. kimchi), you’d probably worry about the smell permeating the ‘fridge. But I’m guessing this would work for 99% of people.

As a bonus, it takes up way less space in a drawer than the incumbent designs.

Source: core77

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