Alternative Roller-Style Toothbrush

While I’m skeptical this is an improvement, curiosity means I’d have to try one of these, were it sold here.

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The Kurun toothbrushis an ultrasonic vibrating toothbrush with roller-style bristles, bunched together in an arrangement that supposedly always presents them to the surface of teeth at a perpendicular angle (as opposed to flexing sideways, and thus losing the efficacy of the tips).

The circular shape of the brush head means that it also, according to the manufacturer, gets in between teeth better than a conventional head.

The Kurun also apparently requires less force to use (although is generating the requisite force to brush one’s teeth a common problem?). Its instructions for use are a bit unusual:

My knee-jerk to that last step was that it sounds kind of gross. I mean, if the plaque’s already in your mouth in the first place, I’m sure this can’t do you any harm; but the thought of collecting it all onto your tongue sounds kind of off-putting.

The demonstration video is all in Japanese, but you don’t need to understand the language to evaluate the visuals:

Source: core77

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