alyssa ki

Oooh! These floral wall hangings are the work of New Jersey based, Korean-American artist Alyssa Ki aka @SolipDIY. She uses all sorts of textile techniques to create these beauties (weaving, macrame, needle-felt and crochet), and her color palettes!? They make me wanna run out to the garden… or to an ice cream shop. Here’s a bit of Alyssa’s bio from her website:

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I’m Korean-American, and I was born and raised in Virginia. I went to school in snowy upstate New York, where I studied Photojournalism. I work full-time in the wild west of NYC events, and I’m also a freelance photographer. Other than my all-consuming love for beads, yarn and DIY – I also love the outdoors and thrift shopping.

SOLIP is me – it’s my Korean name and the direct translation is ‘pine needle’ so chosen after my father enjoyed a nice liquor derived from the tree.

Pine needle. Well that is kind of perfect given her love of foliage! ps. Alyssa just wrote a really moving, personal post on Instagram about #StopAsianHateYou can read it right here.

Source: thejealouscurator

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