AMAC's Acrylic Chroma Desktop Storage Units

If you told me these were made by Kartell, I’d believe you:

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These Chroma storage units are actually made by AMAC, a plastics manufacturer that decided to go designey all the way back in the 1960s. (Their M Series of tiny plastic boxes, below) are in the MoMA’s permanent collection.)

These $14 Chroma objects ($13 for the shorter units) are tiny, by the way; at 2.3″ square and just 6 inches (3 inches for the shorter units) tall, pills, earrings and paperclips are about all you could use them to store.

The colors are awesome though, and I wonder what these would look like at furniture scale.

Speaking of which, a furniture item that AMAC does produce is their Slot Table, designed in 2012:

That one’s a bit pricier at $295, but they’re apparently quite popular; they’re currently sold out. (And the current COVID-based resin shortage probably doesn’t help.)

Source: core77

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