Amazing images of elegant models underwater with sharks

In yet another amazing photo series created by Benjamin Von Wong, beautiful models dressed in elegant dresses are posed underwater among sharks. And no, there’s no Photoshop involved! 

This project, titled “Shark Shepard”, was shot in Fiji. The crew had two hours a day to shoot, when the sharks would be active and the light would be visible.

“Similar to squirrels at a park, the white tipped reef sharks would hover around us curiously only to scamper off if anyone got too close. Once one of them got deep enough into the cave and we thought there was a good chance of us capturing a shot, Amber would take a deep breath, rip off her mask and strike a couple of poses for as long as she could,” he said on his blog.

von_wong_1von_wong_7von_wong_3von_wong_8Von Wong's Shark Shepherdvon_wong_2 von_wong_4


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