Amazing Microsculptures by Marie Cohydon

You’re going to need a microscope, but this time it’s not about science. Here, it is about art and more particularly that of the artist Marie Cohydon. The artist creates works in graphite, using this originally scientific object. And the reason is quite simple: the works measure between 1 and 3 mm. “The details are imperceptible to the naked eye, you will need an X5 magnifier or a jeweler’s loupe x8 to x10 to appreciate them,” she explains. For Marie, graphite, which she works with meticulousness, is a “magnificent material that shines brightly when polished”. The tools she uses to make her parts have been self-designed, making the operation even more impressive.

To find out more, visit its website.

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Credits: [fubiz]
Source: feeldesain

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