Amazon's Halo Rise, a Bedside Sleep Tracker

Irony: The tech companies whose devices and services keep us up late, are also interested in selling us devices that supposedly help us manage our sleep.

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Amazon is releasing this handsome, vaguely Muji-esque Halo Rise device that will supposedly help you “sleep smarter, sleep better” by tracking your sleep. There’s no attendant wearable; instead you place the thing by your bedside, and it uses sensors to track your body movement and breathing as you sleep. (“Low energy” sensors, they point out, in case the thought of sleeping while being hit with beams creeps you out.)

It has an attendant “Smart Alarm” that “senses the ideal sleep stage for getting up”—I’d love to know how that works—and it then starts ramping up the semicircular wake-up light, which theoretically mimics a sunrise.

Are there catches? Of course there are: The $140 asking price, the attendant app you must download to get the thing to work, and a required $3.99/month plus tax membership. Because in this day and age, unless you’re willing to make (what I think are) some simply lifestyle changes, good sleep will cost you.

Source: core77

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