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American Artist Erik Otto

All eyes on the abstract artworks by Erik Otto.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, American abstract artist Erik Otto currently lives in New York City, with studios in Brooklyn, NY and San Francisco, CA. He is widely known for working in the creative fields of mixed-media painting, neon sculpture, and site-specific installation. Erik Otto received a BFA from San Jose State University, CA. His work has been exhibited both nationally and abroad including cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Mexico City. Some of his artworks are part of private collections of Grand Hyatt, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, One Medical Group, Adobe Systems, and Uber Technologies.

Artwork statement: “Expressing the understanding of instability and uncertainty through patience and resilience, this work is about an outlook of acceptance as a means of moving forward. Known as the force behind all living things, this recent work explores the many symbolic qualities of water through nonlinear landscapes flooded with movement and free of boundaries. Compositions immersed with emotive strokes — pushing, pulling, pouring and taking shape depict the balance of turbulent and serene. The circular form, a signature motif representing the notion that life is both coming and going, emerges and recedes from view similar to the shifts in passing seasons. Heavily layered, this work incorporates pools of color, fluid washes and rippling patterns contrasted by large expressive marks produced almost incidentally. Seeing imperfection as a catalyst for change, the different painted elements ebb and flow respectively in equal force reflecting moments of a transformative process. One chapter of a larger idea with an open-ended finish line, this initial phase has helped cultivate a new visual language directly influenced by the equilibrial nature of water that examines a moment of flux to a powerful time of growth.

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Erik Otto, Confluence
Erik Otto, Flooded
Erik Otto, Higher Ground
Higher Ground
Erik Otto, Higher Ground
Higher Ground
Erik Otto, Perfect Imbalance
Perfect Imbalance
Erik Otto, Refuge
Erik Otto, Slow Tide
Slow Tide
Erik Otto, Surface Tension
Surface Tension

All images © by Erik Otto.

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