America’s National Bird Found Swimming

It looks like the bald eagle’s not only good at hunting and soaring through the skies — it’s also good at swimming. This rare footage of a bald eagle swimming was shot by a construction worker named Tyler Blake.

“Just to see how uncanny it is, for it to be, like, a human doing the breaststroke, it’s just amazing,” Blake told WMUR.

“I ran down to the docks and I saw an eagle flapping in the water,’ he said. ‘I’m, like, “Wow!” I wasn’t sure if it was hurt or something.”

However, Jim Watson, a researcher from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, states that swimming eagles are not surprising at all. They usually grab fish off the surface and keep their wings dried before flying again to the sky.

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“It may have gone as planned, they just got a bigger fish and said, ‘I’m going to stick with this, I can make it to shore and so it’s a good deal,’ ” Watson said.

They may also swim when “their feathers get soaked and they can’t fly away.”

Still, for people who don’t know much about eagles like me and Tyler, this is a delightful and surprising sight to see.

(Video Credit: WMUR TV/ Twitter)

Source: neatorama

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