Amphitheater of Capua: The First Roman Amphitheater

Of all the amphitheaters built by the Romans, the Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheater in Rome is the largest of all in dimensions, followed by the amphitheater of Capua, Pozzuoli, and El Djem (already in Tunisia, which is also the largest of Africa). However, it is not the oldest, since that honor belongs to the amphitheater of Capua.

Not only that, experts believe that it could even serve as a model for the Colosseum, as it shares many structural characteristics with it, and the rest of the amphitheaters. It should be clarified that we are referring to amphitheaters built in stone, since previously they were built of wood.

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Amphitheater of Capua

Photo: Nicola D'Orta/Wikimedia


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