An Achille-Castiglioni-Designed Menorah

Happy Hanukah! In 1985, Achille Castiglioni participated in a design competition held by the Israel Museum of Jerusalem, which invited both local design students and non-Israeli designers to create a menorah for mass production. Here’s Castiglioni’s submission:

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“Castiglioni designs a candelabrum with seven arms, consisting of two identical semicircular pieces in metal sheets pressed in a single die and jointed with rivets. Cup-shaped to accommodate the candleholders, the three samples are prototyped in makralon sheets, but thought to have its final production in similar plastic materials or different metal sheets. The handgrip-foot of the candelabrum is a manufactured rubber handle (similar to the handlebar grips of a motorcycle).”

Photo © The Israel Museum Jerusalem, by Elie Posner

This pair of silver and lavender units is part of the Israel Museum of Jerusalem‘s collection.

Source: core77

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