An Aggressively Designed Wearable for Cyclists

Here’s a wild-looking wearable. This Recon Jet concept, by U.S./Canada-based industrial design consultancy Card79, was intentionally designed with “aggressive styling:”

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“The main audience of this product was both athletic as well as curious and open to how new technology could improve their life,” the firm writes.

The product is designed to “create a great Holistic User Experience for cyclists and runners that would enable them to get relevant statistics near to eye without having to look around for the data. Because the market had a very focused set of requirement [sic] , we were inspired to make the Industrial Design more distinctively sporty.”

The Recon Jet never made it to market. But if it had, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see uptake—I think we’ve all seen avid cyclists wear way weirder and aggressively-designed things than this.

Source: core77

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